Click “Choose Colours” in the box below and choose Shingle Colour, Siding Colour or Trim Colour.  You will be given the available options to choose from.  Scroll down to see larger samples.
Note:  Colours will not be exactly as shown.

You may download, print or save your options by clicking the menu icon icon in the right corner of the Designer box.  You may reset your choices back to white by clicking the reset iconreset colours icon below the choose colours button.


royal-white  royal-vintage-cream  royal-pebble-claygentek-dark-drift  royal-harvard-slate  royal-cypressmoonlit-moss  windswept-smoke  darkred mitten-annapolis-blue


royal-white  cashmere  royal-vintage-creamroyal-pebble-clay  gentek-dark-drift  royal-harvard-slateroyal-cypress  moonlit-moss  windswept-smokedarkred  mitten-annapolis-blue  black


Oakridge Sierra Greysm  Oakridge Estate Greysm  Oakridge Onyx Blacksm
Oakridge Desert Tansm  Oakridge Driftwoodsm  Oakridge Brownwoodsm